Toolset for PDPA Compliance

Struggling to keep up with compliance regulations?

We understand that trying to keep up with compliance can be overwhelming and costly. That's why we've created an online self-assessment guide that will help your company reach compliance without breaking the bank.

You'll be able to rest easy knowing that our guide is tailored specifically for small businesses. Plus, it's updated regularly with the latest changes in compliance regulation so you can always stay ahead of the curve. Don't waste another day struggling to meet compliance standards - get started with our online self-assessment guide today!

Read more to be guided to your preferred method for PDPA Compliance.

You can choose from 3 complementary frameworks

Your time, your budget, your choice!

The compliance landscape is a vast and complicated one, and it can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. This is why we've created three different sets of tools for you to choose from based on your company size, how much work needs done, budgeting concerns, or just personal preference!

Guide and explanation included with every method will let users choose which part works best for them: either an externally driven option that can be tailored according to their budget & needs; or internally driven without any extra charge if they're already following certain standards.

All guides, documents and templates under one roof

You'll have unrestricted access to not only templates but also guidance that will help streamline the process in any way possible, so it's never been easier than now before getting started with PDPA-compliant policies. We will also offer you access to all our updates for one year so you can constantly revise your policies and processes to maintain compliance with this evolving law.

Each framework will include time to review and vouch for your work, with also additional support when needed. Level 2 and 3 will also include hours available for interview and support throughout the exercise.

Our entry level, Do-it-yourself Assessment.

Basic Self-Assessment.

This is specially designed for the very small SME or consultant office, from a low budget, a small number of staff, (max 10 staff), in a single office configuration. You will have access to all our templates and documents to help you collect the critical data for your PDPA compliance with a clear plan to produce your policies and compliance documents.

  • Detailed User Guide to collect and classify data
  • PDPA important facts & regulations to consider
  • Comprehensive forms and Templates to create your Policies
  • 45 min call supporting the process

Included for free, is a short report sent by email after the completion to validate your work or suggest improvements, including a check on Data classification.

Give us call now before someone else does. 

The Basic level of our compliance guide is a totally self-executed framework, and as such represent best value for money. It includes weeks of work to create the optimal setup and walks you through identifying what data each department handles, and clarifies which are normal personal data or sensitive personal information; it will then offer a clear

set of guidance on how personal data should be recorded, each set under their appropriate law basis while also providing templates that can later form part of your security and privacy policies, privacy notice and more. By following this program's demands you can surely build your entire documentation, policies and processes to reach optimal compliance.

Advance Self-Assessment for larger SMEs.

Advance Self-Assessment

This framework is crafted based on the Governments guidelines for SMEs. This imposes a limit of a maximum of 250 employees, with an added threshold evaluation on the type of data and on the processing activities performed by the company. 

Failing this threshold assessment would place the SME in similar constraints and regulations as larger Enterprises and required our GAP assessment and Implementation framework. 

The threshold assessment to maintain SME privileges will be offered as complementary in this model, as well as categorise the type of data processed and additional consulting time to define handling sensitive sets of data across departments. 

Included here are:

  • Guide & Documents from Basic Assessment
  • 1 hour of guidance, over 1 or 2 sessions
  • A detailed review of the findings
  • Revision of your self made Privacy and Security Policies
  • Revision of Privacy Notice at the collection points.

A final review of your work after submission is included as well as a second revision after you have completed the suggestion improvement. 

The Advance level of our compliance guide is also a totally self-executed framework. This also represent best value for money for companies who have the resources and time to perform the evaluation and process with our recommendation. 

We will offer you more time to guide you through the procedures as a multi office or departments organisation is increasingly more complex. You are still responsible for the collection of all information across your

company, together with the identification of the type of data being collected, however we will spend more time reviewing your findings and offer our critics for improvement of your model.

We will also review all your public facing information and documentation to make sure you have crafted compliant material. There will be a final presentation to the management, either online or in our office to conclude the compliance process.

GAP Analysis & Implementation Plan for Enterprises

Full GAP analysis & building of your implementation plan

Targeting larger Enterprises or SMEs who could not maintain the SME privileges and who need to record Processing Activities (RoPA) with multi-office set up and larger processing of personal data.

We will assist you in the data mapping, and review your collection points and data silos, and validate all your policies.

Includes all elements of Advance +

  • Guide & Documents from Self Assessment
  • Review Data Classification
  • Revision of All policies
  • Validation of last IT security Audit
  • Revision of Privacy Notice
  • Revision of Data minimization
  • templates for your RoPA
  • Setting your implementation Plan
  • Documented structure for Audit

The Gap Analysis remains a guided but self executed data collection and classification, however our Consultants will help you in refining your data classification. We will advise on data limitation and storage of sensitive data, and processes applicable to the data set.  

We will perform the Personal Data Impact Analysis when needed as a result of the processing of Sensitive personal data performed in your company or by one of your 3rd party supplier.

We will design with you a couple of sample of RoPA and create the sample of privacy notice needed at each data collection point. We will also assist create the implementation plan, including suggesting for monitoring and training of your employees.

We will review or offer to create your policies and privacy notice and help you with Data minimization, and assist to maintain fairness, legality and acceptance throughout  the data collection.

Our guide will prepare you for Compliance

Worried about your compliance with the PDPA?

Our online guided self assessment is easy, comprehensive and will help you build your compliance with the PDPA. It’s available in a choice of 3 modules, each based on your company size and budget. Plus, our team of experts are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

You can be sure that our online guided self assessment is the most cost-effective way to get your business PDPA-compliant. And it’s quick and easy to use – so you can get started right away.

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